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Massachusetts investment fraud attorney offering investment fraud claims advocacy in arbitrations and mediations conducted before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) since 2010. Representing investor/customer Claimants against broker/bank Respondents in FINRA’s arbitration tribunals nationwide (subject to jurisdictional requirements). All representations subject to evaluation of case merits. Licensed in MA and NH. Each case is different and no particular outcome is ever guaranteed.

Demand Fairness From Wall Street

Obtained a $450,000 settlement from bank and broker on investor fraud claims against a major investment bank. Case hinged on expert forensic analysis of handwriting samples and original account documents, revealing multiple forgeries and material omissions to the customer, as well as internal to the bank. Overcame numerous discovery disputes to obtain original handwritten notes. Aided by forensic expert testing of the notes, and a report, we were prepared to prove the broker had created and backdated ten (10) notes, in all. The broker made each to look like it had been in existence since before we filed our complaint letter, and changed and rotated pens. In fact he made them up after getting the complaint letter. Case settled the day before the hearing.

An ideal client is anyone who is a “customer” to the financial industry, and who has concerns or questions for a Massachusetts investment fraud lawyer about any investment account or insurance product. On occasion, I have also represented financial advisors and insurance industry clients. I promise to treat all referrals with the utmost respect, and bring a balanced, realistic perspective to each matter. Together, the client and I will go through all facts and records available to develop a workable strategy for the claims. Client participation will be essential to the process, not only for records and information, but for discussions about experts costs, settlement strategy, needs analysis, and updates. I am here to help you, but you will need to help me help you. The case has to have true merit, and actually be worth it to you.


I am Massachusetts investment fraud lawyer Lee Holland. My law practice focuses on financial industry claims advocacy and consulting services, including investment fraud claims before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

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