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Do you suspect you may need an investment fraud attorney? Do you have questions for a lawyer about fraud generally, or investment fraud, in particular? Are you starting to discover you may have a serious problem with your trusted financial adviser? Is the relationship you thought you had from the start no longer functioning like normal? Have you seen your savings or investments evaporate with little to no explanation from anyone who should know, even when asked a direct question? Are you being encouraged to borrow or go on margin to make ends meet for you or your business? Is someone with the keys to your financial kingdom starting to act “a little funny” after you have asked one or two difficult questions?

Stop and pause. Think about what you do next.

Depending on your circumstances, the bank may already be managing your broker’s email responses for him/her. Watching you to find out how they can undermine any risk they will be liable. All it takes is for a perceived threat to rise to their radar. Suddenly you won’t get much responsive information from anyone there – at least not voluntarily.

Even if you don’t choose to call the Law Offices Of Lee M. Holland, Esq., we strongly recommend you find a knowledgeable and competent lawyer as early as possible. Share your concerns. Ask your questions. Speak with someone – in private. Seek help before you reach out to try to resolve any problem you now suspect you may have with your financial institution, financial adviser, financial fiduciary, or investment broker. Why? For one thing, if you believe you may have a viable claim, you will want to verify that as early as possible to avoid any lapse on statutes of limitations and reduce the likelihood of some self-help pitfalls. Also, if you are growing increasingly concerned or frustrated, you will want to speak with someone who may be able to help you work through why the alarm bell seems to be ringing, before you do something you may find has harmed your case – before you could even find out how to articulate your claim or assess your damages!

With the wrong guidance, or by acting out of emotion early on as your own advocate, you can severely limit your chances for recovery of an award or settlement. There are many non-attorneys competing to bring claims, citing their experience in the industry. Be forewarned that it can be a lot harder to find an attorney to help you once your claim has been impaired. There may not be much that can be done, frankly. That is why the Law Offices Of Lee M. Holland, Esq. recommends you proceed with caution from the start – particularly given the stakes. You can always proceed with self-help, or a non-attorney if you wish, but it’s a good idea to start out with a call to a lawyer, with experience in the arena you may need to enter. It’s David versus Goliath in these cases, especially as the stakes rise.

Would it help to ask Lee some questions in a free initial consultation? Lee is familiar with the rules of the arbitration tribunal forum available through FINRA – the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. He can explain how FINRA handles its arbitration claims as a matter of routine, based on numerous hearings, since 2007. Lee can tell you what you may reasonably expect, given his experience, and the information you share. He will also clearly indicate whether he sees the potential for a further discussion about an attorney-client relationship with the Law Offices Of Lee M. Holland, Esq., at no cost to you for the initial consultation. Additional exploratory discussions usually are free also, but at the firm’s discretion.

One client we helped had no idea how it was that the “money line” she thought she had obtained to fund her fledgling business had suddenly been cut short, wiping her out. She had been duped into a margin loan as a funding source for liquidity needed to start a business. The margin calls wiped her out completely. The Law Offices Of Lee M. Holland, Esq. helped her get her investment damages back from the bank, which put her back on her feet.

We helped a client who discovered the broker had falsified documentation to hide wrongdoing, requiring a lengthy battle to obtain original records. This client had involved one or more prior representatives, and contacted the Law Offices Of Lee M. Holland, Esq. shortly prior to the scheduled hearing date needing guidance with FINRA’s arbitration dispute resolution process. The client was looking in particular for someone with experience trying cases before FINRA arbitration tribunals. Obviously it is better to work together from the start, but we were glad we could help in this case. This client received $450,000 in settlement of all claims against the bank and broker and is back on his feet today. (But please call the Law Offices Of Lee M. Holland, Esq. sooner along in the process than he did, if you can. This client was very fortunate.)

Please contact 978-341-4520 or email lholland@law-holland.com to schedule an initial telephone consultation.